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straight2tape SESSION ONE - done!

photo of end of session with all members of the band Souls Revivalanalog Trident Studer Live VocalsSouls Revival analog Trident Studer Live Drums & BassSouls Revival Friedman Live Guitars loud and creamystraight2tape® Trident 80B Ralph Zünd Nico Looser analog Live Mixstraight2tape® Sennheiser Headphones emotion & adrenalineSouls Revival fun music experience liveSouls Revival musicians pure fun let`s make a record

Installation neuer Musikanlage für Hochschule

An dieser Stelle mal besten Dank an die WICKAUDIO - Family für die jahrelange, unkompliziert-professionelle Zusammenarbeit! rock on!
photo of installed NEXO Line Array @ PHSZ in Goldau, Switzerland