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We invite outstanding musicians + fans to straight2tape® and release these highlights on limited Vinyl & Mastertape

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  • Band and audience together in the studio:
  • choose your seat directly next to your favourite musician -
  • easy online ticketing
  • 100% live, pure & real
    No frills!!
  • During 2-3 sessions of equal value, a maximum of 180 guests can experience the adventure up close and live. (seats are limited)
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  • 100% analog from mic to vinyl: the audio signal is never stored on a computer!
  • from classic & jazz, singer-songwriter & rock to punk & metal - everything is possible
    • ...under best studio conditions energetic special versions of the songs are created - be there!
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  • The sessions will be filmed live + photographed - and you're on it!
  • Artists & Session partners have full access to this material
  • optimal for customized promo on YouTube / Facebook /Instagram, etc... to realize.
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  • Every visitor gets high-quality headphones.
  • The immediate live production sound comes directly from the control room.
  • The volume can be adjusted individually
  • There is always the possibility of free seating after the 1st half of a session.
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  • Give away pure passion with a gift voucher.
  • Surprise someone with a ticket and/or a record from a straight2tape® SESSION:
  • very close - right in the middle and have a blast
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  • Guests AND musicians toast the joint work together.
  • The border between musician and listener dissolves and music "connects".
  • Enjoy hot-ones from the grill & cool-ones from the bar
  • scalable catering to the respective music style
  • Have fun meeting like-minded people.
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  • Ralph record & mixes over the legendary vintage Trident 80B console in realtime
  • directly on 1971 Studer A80 MK1 master tape recorder
  • The albums of Johnny Cash or Elvis Presley were also produced in this style...
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  • straight2tape® album productions are refinanced by ticket sales, session-partner-sponsoring and vinyl sales.
  • For "unknown" bands it is also possible to buy this all-round service and produce a complete vinyl album on 3-4 days. Of course the ticket revenue will go directly to the band...
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  • The "pure-cut" LPs with the exclusive straight2tape song versions enrich the touring merchandising of bands.
  • as well as the fans' record collection!
  • Order YOUR record at the event this evening
  • have them delivered to your home comfortably.
  • rediscover yourself on the photos on the LP backside...
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  • The original master tapes are assembled by hand with razor blade and adhesive tape to the final master tape.
  • 100% analogue mastered & cut in foil
  • the finished LPs are delivered to the studio
  • signed by the musicians
  • manually numbered (numbered consecutively)
  • every single straight2tape LP is unique
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  • The consistent implementation of the straight2tape philosophy generates no digital audio data for the trade
  • Thus no label problems arise
  • Quite the opposite:
    straight2tape is perfect for album promo of existing works and/or show cases with press...
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  • available in selected vinyl shops of the straight2tape distribution network
  • personal pick-up in the studio
  • Online Store & Mail Order
  • The straight2tape tickets can also be reserved online or purchased on site:
  • cash payment
  • PDF invoice
  • credit cards
  • post card
  • Paypal
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